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  1. xxAQUA JOSHUAxx

    Awesome Waddle season highlight video

  2. xxAQUA JOSHUAxx

    Video: Tua week 1 highlights vs Patriots

    Wow look at the way he moves around that sideline, his hip looks good. Is ready at a moment's notice jumping off the bench with Fitzpatrick and has his helmet on. I'm excited guys! Hes ready!!!!
  3. number1fin

    Knowshon Moreno Week 1 Highlights

  4. number1fin

    Charles Clay 2013 highlights

    Charles Clay made some spectacular plays last year. He was a safety net all season long and showcased the ability to break tackles while fighting for extra yardage. Roll that beautiful bean footage below to see the evidence of a star in the making...
  5. AccordOn13z

    Every Pass Thrown At B. Gibson 2012. Looks Good!

    I was looking around the Ram's forum just to check their thoughts on Gibson and his skills. I found this video they put together which highlights every pass thrown in his direction and I got to admit he seems like a solid receiver. Judge for yourselves. Pros: -Good Routes -Above Average Hands...
  6. Fin_Frenzy_84

    RGIII Highlights!

    Here is some of my RGIII Highlights I made.... Give some feedback please!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2JmD-_MmBQ&list=UUj-cGFq7h2Z-W2bcyq5h9aA&index=1&feature=plcp
  7. snake eyes

    Matt Moore Highlights

    Well for what its worth I found these on Youtube. I really cant tell what to make out of them. Apparently someone thought he was good enough to spend time on cutting this together but I really cant tell if he is any better or worse than henne...
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