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  1. Kdawg954

    What a difference a year makes . . . Let's end this curse tonight!!

    After going up to New Jersey and spanking the Jets on October 28th, 2012 . . . the Dolphins offensive line tweeted: Man those guys looked like they were having the time of their lives and they were playing some damn good football at 4-3 in front of their rookie QB. A year later, Jake Long...
  2. 5

    Orton vs Past 3rd Round QBs

    These are the QB's taken in round 3 since 2007. I'd say Orton is better than everyone. Orton for a 3rd is great value. Trent Edwards Kevin O'Connel Stephen McGee (1st pick of Round 4) Colt McCoy For a 3rd round pick, I would much rather have Orton than: Jon Jerry- Rather have a starting QB...
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