Orton vs Past 3rd Round QBs

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by 54dolfan9923, Jul 27, 2011.

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    These are the QB's taken in round 3 since 2007. I'd say Orton is better than everyone. Orton for a 3rd is great value.

    Trent Edwards
    Kevin O'Connel
    Stephen McGee (1st pick of Round 4)
    Colt McCoy

    For a 3rd round pick, I would much rather have Orton than:

    Jon Jerry- Rather have a starting QB then a revolving door RG.
    Patrick Turner- Already gone

    Both these two are our past two 3rd round picks.
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    This is true, but you also have to look at the money and contract he wants. You also have to consider the fact that in all likelihood, he doesn't get the Dolphins over the top. He'll probably just make us good enough to linger on in mediocrity.

    I was talking with a fellow Dolphin fan last night and both of our worst fears are bringing in a QB that does just barely good enough to make us ignore the position in 2012.

    Orton - We know what he is. Proven commodity. Good, but his ceiling has likely been reached.

    Henne - One promising year, followed up by a pretty crummy 2010 campaign.

    At this point, I'd rather our FO stick with Henne. They made their bed when they ignored the position in every draft, save for late round picks, and overreaching on a project player. If Henne lights it up in 2011, then great. If not, we know we need to take a QB high in 2012. Either way, Henne is our best option for the future. Orton could likely lead to future mediocrity and not much else.
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    I agree...I just dont want this to affect us getting a superstar in the near future. Just because we decide to give Orton a long term deal. Only downfall

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