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  1. C

    Tell ya one thing. I'd rather have Hene than Orton!

    I am so happy we didnt get Orton. He sucks way worse than Henne!!! "ON ICE"
  2. JoeFin

    Why Not Give Orton Three Years?

    From what I've read, a big sticking point for Orton was he wanted more than a one-year contract. Fine, why not give him three? Make him the starter this year and see how it goes. If it doesn't go so well, do what you have to in order to draft a stud QB next year (big QB class next year ...
  3. dFinsRule

    Steve Wyche NFLN : Believes the Orton deal still gets done!

    I'm still holding out hope that we can land this guy.Were just playing chicken with each other.http://www.nfl.com/freeagency/story/09000d5d82117dfc/article/frenetic-free-agency-has-separated-shakers-from-fakers?module=HP11_cp
  4. Kdawg954

    Denver continues Poker game . . . reports of Orton clearly outshining Tebow in camp

  5. Kdawg954

    ESPN reporting Kyle Orton has SHOWED UP and will participate in organized activities

    Does anybody ever get Miami's moves correct? Looks like Denver is going to be testing him out before any trades r done.
  6. F

    Not looking good fellow DolFans.

    This is not looking good. While the Jets, who already have a better team, are resigning Holmes and possibly signing the best free agent and best corner in the league...we are putting out full attention on a cast off QB who has been now discarded by 2 teams. This guy is not an elite QB and will...
  7. 5

    Orton vs Past 3rd Round QBs

    These are the QB's taken in round 3 since 2007. I'd say Orton is better than everyone. Orton for a 3rd is great value. Trent Edwards Kevin O'Connel Stephen McGee (1st pick of Round 4) Colt McCoy For a 3rd round pick, I would much rather have Orton than: Jon Jerry- Rather have a starting QB...
  8. Built2Win

    Orton services likely to cause a bidding war for picks

    Orton right now is the hottest garbage around love em or hate him his touchdown to interception percentage will drive up his costs. The real knock on Orton is when the games really matter he disappears Still not often you can get a qb for the last 2 years with a 2 to 1 touchdown...
  9. matt11390

    Orton and Bush

    Kyle Orton and Reggie Bush would be an exciting upgrade and boost to the offense. Truthfully Orton doesn't get me jumping but he seems to be the perfect fit for a Sporano team ... great manager of the game. His #'s are good considering TD to INT ratio. Bradshaw and D. Williams seems to be...
  10. P

    Salguero: Miami has offered a THIRD round pick for Orton.

    Per rotoworld. I think this is the best offer that Denver will get. Take it or leave it. Once Kolb and Hasselback sign elsewhere, this will end quickly I think.
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