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  1. orpheus


    Hey there, I was planning a move and was wondering if it would be OK to post (and if so, where?) a thread about giving away my vintage dolphins jerseys, autographs, etc. I'm not looking to sell but just give it to a real fan since I'm living in enemy territory and some bills fan might buy it...
  2. NYC#1finsfan

    The Rosen Jerseys Have Arrived........

    I know that this is a trivial post to some, however I couldn't contain my excitement.....for $56 shipped to my door for both a home and away, the quality was quite good.....Very impressive for "Qin" jerseys.......Took two weeks from order to receipt.......Pics available once I get them back from...
  3. milanooco

    Jerseys Reviews

    Many fans are purchasing football jerseys from online stores. all of these websites are essentially Cheap versions of Ebay. It is made up of a bunch of individual sellers who offer their own products, so it's important to look for highly rated sellers with a lot of positive reviews...
  4. D

    Customized Jerseys now available!

    If any of you are like me, you've been waiting for a long time to be able to customize your own jersey. Good news, we finally can :)...
  5. phins4ever64

    I need tickets for TITANS game, anyone have a good deal?

    I am heading to Florida for the Titans game on 11/11 antone have a good deal on tickets need either 2 or 4 depending on price thanks Bill email me at
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