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matt flynn

  1. dan13

    Matt Flynn

    People wanted to fire everyone after we missed on Matt Flynn. He doesn't get the starting job in Seattle but know one wants to point that out. We got are QB in draft in the First Round after a lot of people wanted us to do for YEARS but no credit there. To many people focus on the Neg way to...
  2. Kadiddlehopper

    Matt Flynn receiving low-ball offer

    Dolphins | Matt Flynn receiving low-ball offer Sat, 17 Mar 2012 18:47:39 -0700 Free-agent QB Matt Flynn (Packers) reportedly wants to sign with the Miami Dolphins, but the team is low-balling the offer, thinking he will take it just to play for Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin, who was his...
  3. diehardfin

    Say no to Flynn!

    I have been watching video all day of our QB possibilities for next year. Matt Flynn did a good job replacing Rodgers when he needed to. However I do not think he is our man. The video I watched made me feel like he was taking advantage of the talent in GB instead of making it better. I would...
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