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  1. BenchFiedler

    Koa Misi - Not Dependable AT ALL

    Misi is just like the Cowboys version of Sean Lee. Very talented but always injured...I mean always. I have not yet read a report where Misi had a full week of practice without being held out because he is injured. Last year was a disaster at the LB position and this year we cannot depend on...
  2. Built2Win

    Could the starting linebackers be worse than the backups?

    Can Trip or McCain wind up starting if Wheeler, Misi, Elerbe continue to struggle? Jordan will likely stay a DE with his weight gains and suspension and Vernon's injury. Lots of money not starting if that's the case. Ireland strikes again..
  3. Nublar7

    First Dolphin arrested this offseason

    Seems like we can never go a full year without one of the players being arrested. This time it was Koa Misi. http://sheriff.org/apps/arrest/details.cfm?id=8543bf5f-5fb1-4e66-a972-832e425d1caa&key=92DD88157FFEE016D9FFF8C20B175708&page=1&lname=MISI&fname= He was charged with Battery with...
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