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offensive co-ordinator

  1. BenchFiedler

    Kenny Stills INVISIBLE During Training Camp

    I really like what Kenny Stills did with the Saints but this is probably not a good idea to keep him around. I'm hearing positive feedbacks on Carroo, Landry, Grant, Parker and nothing on Stills except some drops. This is "deja vu" from the 2015 season. Maybe that chemistry with Tannehill...
  2. BenchFiedler

    How much Power Does Philbin Have???

    I was just wondering if he has power to stop/change a play from his coordinators? We did call a timeout on the last GB touchdown, and to have your worst cover LB on their most athletic TE had to be a mistake. I'm wondering if Philbin agreed with the formation or he had no power to change that...
  3. BenchFiedler

    Offense More Productive with Backups???

    Call me crazy but this is a pattern I noticed in the dolphins scrimmage where Tannehill was 15 of 27 passes for 139 with two touchdowns and that was with Wallace and Hartline out. Same pattern for the 1st preseason game where he was 6 for 6 and a quick TD with Wallace and Hartline out. I'm not...
  4. utahphinsfan

    my preferences for GM & OC

    GM OC 1 Gamble Lazor 2 Farmer Linehan 3 Licht Kubiak I wonder if Joe is in on the GM interviews to see who he clicks with the best? It s/b a foregone conclusion that he is leading the OC interviews.
  5. utahphinsfan

    Sherman's replacements.... my 2 cents

    I'd prefer; Geep Chryst SF QB coach. A 2nd tour of duty in S Fla for Norv Turner or Scott Linehan would be okay. My ultimate wildcard... Scott Frost Oregon Ducks OC. He is a former Husker QB. I could even live w/ Lane Kiffin.
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