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  1. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Potential Trade Partners To Move Back

    Most of us seem to be down with Miami trading the 3rd pick to move back a few spots. What kind of value should we expect to receive if we did move back from 3? I personally would want a 2022 1st in any type of trade package for the 3rd overall. It's always nice owning multiple first round...
  2. twg76

    Panthers Game Evaluations

    First, let's keep in mind that this was against the worst team in the NFL last season. That will keep things in perspective. On Offense QB: Henne played good, but not great. He missed too many throws. Without that big throw to Fasano, followed by that big run he had scambling, it would...
  3. Kdawg954

    Finheaven Chat for Tonight's Preseason Game vs. Carolina

    Hey guys, Last week we tried a chatroom and it had its ups and downs, but I think in the end, it kept booting us out the room. This week I have created one on Zippy Chat. Lets not kid ourselves, this chat is basic, no font changes that I can see . . .but it seems quick, its free and I...
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