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pass rusher

  1. twix2500

    Marcus Davenport 6'5 250 lbs DE

    Marcus Davenport 6'5 250 DE from UTSA. Reading that he's little known now but will 2nd pass rusher after Chubbs in draft. DeMarcus Ware comparison. Will keep it an eye on him during the off-season workouts. Could solidify the DLine into becoming a dominant group in the future with Charles Harris...
  2. BenchFiedler

    What Happened to Jason Jones???

    Are we really set at the DE position? Imagine if Branch or Williams get injured, what is the backup plan? Wake is too fragile to play 3 downs, he is mostly a situational pass rusher now. I think we do need a rotational DE with experience in the lineup, not a Rookie!!! Jason Jones would be a...
  3. jimlerario

    Theory on the sack issue

    The go/go-go pre snap. when the dline hears the one go, they go straight for Tannehill, not worrying about them running. then the dline get in a rhythm after hearing it for so many times, and defend either the run or the pass, never both.
  4. number1fin

    Dion Jordan interview
  5. number1fin

    Dion Jordan answers media questions following draft selection
  6. number1fin

    Don't forget about...

    ...Josh Kaddu. Am I the only one who thinks drafting Dion Jordan will significantly help with his development?
  7. Kdawg954

    2012 Pass Rushers

    It's clear as day that we need a pass rusher next year. Not sure if the Cameron Wake Story in the NFL is over or not . . . JT is more than done and Misi . . . ugh. Considering we should be taking a QB in round 1 . . . who are we looking at in round 2/3 as a potential pass rusher? Please...
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