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  1. V

    Reggie named offensive player of the week!!

    :lol2: Way to go reggie!!! Do it again this week.
  2. snake eyes

    TannEhill or Tann(a)hill?

    Ok people are Pronouncing Tannehills name with a hard E like a Y as in Fanny. Now if that indeed is the way to pronounce it I feel Stupid saying TannyHill so Im not gonna. Im going with the Tannahill pronunciation. Anybody know hoe the guy actually says his own name?
  3. matt11390

    For Enduro

    Enduro, where are the FA's you hinted to in your last thread? I remember you saying the deals were already agreed to and as soon as the league opened we would see them happen pretty fast. Do you still feel this way or are those players changing their minds?
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