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  1. SharpJoshBlade

    An Actually Good Front Office?

    This, to me, seems like a dream. Could it be that after 20 years of searching for a Quarterback, and reliable Front Office, that we have found both? I was one of those people that lobbied hard for the Dolphins to draft Tua Tagovailoa. I e-mailed HC Brian Flores, GM Chris Grier, and even Owner...
  2. matt11390

    Youth Movement to build on

    We are in limbo wondering what this offseason is going to look like. There's a lot of talk about blowing things up ... starting over ... etc. Looking over our roster we have a lot of youth in place already. The question is how good is that youth? Do we have any pieces in place to build on...
  3. matt11390

    3 former dolphins assistants

    Now are head coaches. Tomlin, Bowles, and Garrett. Obviously when they were here we had no idea they would elevate to head coaches but it's just a fascinating twist that we are stuck with Philbin and we at least had better options on previous staffs. Same story as our former players leaving...
  4. Sons Of Shula

    Joe Philbin Left His Mark On Many Young Packers

    An article from the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. Oct, 7th 6:16pm Talks about Joe Philbin's relationships with players and the respect they have for him along with his accomplishments, the adversity he has overcome, and the positive impressions he left as a coach with the Green Bay Packers.
  5. dreday

    what nfl players will have a breakout season?

    with the NFL lockout rumored to be ending soon,(fingers crossed),everybody is a little bit is ok,but just cant sit and watch it.anyways, as far the player who i think will have the biggest breakout year IMO will be josh freeman QB for the bucs. a lot of experts thought the bucs...
  6. Kdawg954

    Predict the Top 10 order from NFL's Top 100 of 2011 series

    This Sunday is the series finale, and we are down to the top 10. After seeing Aaron Rodgers go 11th on this list, it is kind of hard to call this a series that strictly uses results from 2011 to make decisions . . . they combine 2011, career achievements, reputation, position and more. Here...
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