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  1. snake eyes

    Game planning for Regular Season

    So I hear all about how the Jets are Keeping their Vaunted Tony Sparano Wildcat under raps until the season starts. That story makes me throw up a little in my mouth. However there may be some truth to that I dont know. I love football but I dont spend too much time thinking about the x's and...
  2. snake eyes

    Do you guys believe that coaches save all the good plays for the reg season?

    I hear this all the time and I really am ignorant literally on this subject. Do coaches in pre season games just send the guys out there with nothing? Is it possible that we have a bunch of great plays in the quiver just waiting for the regular season? I dont buy it really. But like I said I...
  3. snake eyes

    Cant judge by Preseason

    Green Bay is 0-2, Atlanta is 0-2. The Pat's got beat last week. I'm gonna wait until the real season starts. If we stink then well we will stink but It's all we have to hope for cuz after that It could be a long season.
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