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  1. S

    Tua, Tannehill, Rosen

    It's sad to me that we see a lot of young QB's come through here and we seem to revel in setting up some of the worst possible circumstances to try to develop a young QB. And we seem to be repeating the same things to a T that haven't worked for us previously. One of the league's worst...
  2. snake eyes

    So why not Moore?

    Yeah the coach needs to go next season but whats wrong with Moore?
  3. T

    The Myth of the First Round QB

    There is a lot of talk in Dolphins-land recently discussing that the 'Fins should select a QB, any QB, in the first round and the ship will right itself. And this line of thinking is based on the myth that "you need a First Round QB to win." But, the problem is, is that this is a myth. Let's...
  4. Built2Win

    Former dolphin QB John Beck not allowed into stadium security thought he was a nobody

    link to the story http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/blog/shutdown_corner/post/John-Beck-was-unrecognized-and-turned-away-at-Re?urn=nfl-wp3923 :lol2: it keeps getting worse for beck
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