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  1. snake eyes

    So why not Moore?

    Yeah the coach needs to go next season but whats wrong with Moore?
  2. T

    The Myth of the First Round QB

    There is a lot of talk in Dolphins-land recently discussing that the 'Fins should select a QB, any QB, in the first round and the ship will right itself. And this line of thinking is based on the myth that "you need a First Round QB to win." But, the problem is, is that this is a myth. Let's...
  3. Built2Win

    Former dolphin QB John Beck not allowed into stadium security thought he was a nobody

    link to the story http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/blog/shutdown_corner/post/John-Beck-was-unrecognized-and-turned-away-at-Re?urn=nfl-wp3923 :lol2: it keeps getting worse for beck
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