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randy starks

  1. Perfect72

    Does Anybody Want Starks Back at a Reduced Salary

    Randy Starks is still rated fairly high in the FA market. Does anyone want him back at a reduced salary (e.g. 2 years $5M?) or do we trust in all the young DT's we stashed on IR last year, that one or two will step up? :err: http://www.nfl.com/freeagency#tab=top101 RANK34 DT...
  2. M

    Why the Dolphins Run Defense Won't Improve Unless.....

    I was thinking over the weekend about the run defense and whether or not it will improve. While many think it starts and ends with Earl Mitchell, that's not the case. The reason is because of the linebackers. Mitchell is a nose tackle. A nose tackle’s primary job is to stop the run and take on...
  3. Perfect72

    Randy Starks Holdout

    Good Read on Randy Starks Holdout http://www.rantsports.com/nfl/2013/06/01/randy-starks-going-about-getting-new-contract-from-miami-dolphins-all-wrong/ :err:
  4. Quadfather


    I saw this nickname and I want to see it stick. This guy is a beast! If he doesn't get voted to the pro bowl it would be a sham. Number 1 resign priority, and if it comes down to it, I would use the franchise player on him, not Jake Long. Most dynamic and heart and soul of our defense.
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