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running game

  1. N

    Miami running game has been doing well. 5.2 yds/carry, 137 yds/game.

    Which is surprising, because during preseason, I thought our running game would be weak. Our anemic offense is mainly because of Tannehill & the passing game. As for my view on how to revitalize this phonebooth, crawling offense...
  2. BenchFiedler

    Most Disturbing Moments in Dolphins - Bills Game

    * Thad Lewis looking like a veteran against Dolphins Defense. Bag game plan. Bill Belicheat and Rex Ryan would make him look like a rookie 3rd string QB like he is *Jimmy Wilson covering the Bills Best receiver at key moments like 3rd downs *Leaving Clabo 1 on 1 against Super Mario. *Putting...
  3. Kdawg954

    Showing Jake Long some love

    The man has taken a beating pretty much this entire season, and it was looking like he was going to get tormented after Clemmons beat him for that sack. But in that 2nd half, he was a different player. Pass Protection was top notch and he was a force in the running game. One half doesn't take...
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