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  1. VaPhinatic

    We lost more cap space by restructuring Ellerbe ...

    ...before the trade. "By restructuring Ellerbe's contract before trading the linebacker to the New Orleans Saints last Friday the Dolphins...
  2. The Goat

    A Monday Night Epiphany. No...this isn't a prediction. It's a freaking MANIFESTO.

    Now...this may be a bit of a meandering post, but I do hope to convey the frame of mind I'm in as best I can in my current state. My current state is early middle-aged, mildly injured due to sins of my past, and mildly inebriated due to the beneficial relaxing effects of alcohol on my muscle...
  3. snake eyes

    Well If Jeff Fisher Came here we would be looking for a new D coordinator right now.

    Hey im looking for Silver linings where ever I can. Oh yeah and Sparano is now going to Field Goal the Jests to death!!!!:hump:
  4. RocKStaR

    Saints Are Loungin!

    Smart Boys over there.. Looks like they locked up sproles. They won't miss reggie at all..
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