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  1. xxAQUA JOSHUAxx

    Official Schedule!!!

  2. number1fin

    Joe Philbin analyzes the 2015 schedule
  3. Geforce

    NFL to release preseason schedule on Wednesday

    2014 Preseason Schedule will be announced today at 3:15 PM ET.
  4. Kdawg954

    The Official Playoff Scenario Thread w/ 3 Games Left

    I posted this earlier in another thread but I still see posts coming up about playoff scenarios maybe this will help everybody understand the situation with 3 games to go. Here are possible records and how we would look: 7-9 First off . . . there is no way Miami can make it in at 7-9. Let's...
  5. Fins_of_Fury

    2013 Fins to battle Impressive Opposing QB's

    This schedule is loaded with opposing talent at the Quarterback postion. We will face the likes of Luck, Flacco, Ryan, Brees, Newton, Rivers, Roethlisberger, and need we forget Brady. Our secondary needs to be a primary focus come this Thursdays draft, along with a solid young pass rusher...
  6. snake eyes

    In 2000 was the Last Time the San Diego Chargers went undefeated. dolphin related.

    So the San Diego Chargers went 4-0 in the 2000 season. Then they went 1-15 the regular season. So I guess we can only hope the opposite happens in the case of the dolphins.
  7. snake eyes

    Cant judge by Preseason

    Green Bay is 0-2, Atlanta is 0-2. The Pat's got beat last week. I'm gonna wait until the real season starts. If we stink then well we will stink but It's all we have to hope for cuz after that It could be a long season.
  8. matt11390

    Looks like it's down to Miami and Indy

    With the Rams finally winning it's down to two winless teams. However, the Colts are just horrible. Miami is much better than Indy however Indy's schedule is easier the last half of the season so you never know. I still feel Miami will win at least 2 games. Gotta think we win one of the two...
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