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  1. D

    Unraveling the Mystery of Ryan Tannehill

    We get so many post in this forum about how Tannehill is bad or good or inconsistent. It bothers me because when I watch Tannehill play I generally see the same guy every game, a very good but not elite QB. So I've been looking at his stats to try and figure out if there is some kind of leading...
  2. E

    If we get the #1 pick and Bill Cowher/Gruden... what you think of an updated uniform?

    Nike will be taking over in 2012 and providing all NFL jerseys, and they have already stated they will be changing all NFL jerseys dramatically in the same "Combat" way they did with the College jerseys. To improve performance, etc...... Well, why not take the opportunity to update our...
  3. Built2Win

    What are the chances the dolphins will make the playoffs?

    Afc east looks really tough this year i think 10-6 in the afc east may not be good enough that means the dolphins can only lose 2 more games to be assured a playoff spot so do the dolphins find their mojo the rest of the year and go on a killer streak?
  4. Heinegrabber

    To Sparano

    Remember champions get up. Take the beating from the Pats and open up a can on the Texans. :hclap:
  5. Tunaphish429

    What If?

    What if Henne plays well and we still lose... Does Sparano get fired?
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