1. KevInMotion

    Fantasy Baseball League - Managers Needed - Only Serious Players

    Just wanted to throw this out there. I've got a Fantasy Baseball league set up on Yahoo! Looking for people who'd like to join. It's a free league, no money involved. But the 4 guys who are signed up mean business, so likeminded, serious and competitive individuals only. The draft is...
  2. Phinfan99

    Nice artical on TE Les Brown

    i can across a nice read on the les brown that we just signed alittle bit ago. idk if this has been posted already or not but i thought i would share it. enjoy
  3. Kdawg954

    Finheaven Survival Football League (Yahoo)

    Sup everyone, There was some talk in another thread about Suicide/Survivor leagues and I figured we could do one here on Finheaven. The basic principle in a Survivor league is to pick A correct winner of a football game every week to continue. The only catch is, once you pick a team for that...
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