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  1. catch22

    The best videos of each draft pick

    These are the best Vids of each pick In my opinion, But Feel Free to add more videos to this thread if you see a good one out there! Love the videos on Carroo (TD Machine), Grant (lil man has mad hops and eats top corners for breakfast) and Surprisingly the Duarte videos were my favorite. Dude...
  2. DolFanDon22

    Are there any exciting videos???

    After the huge rout against San Diego and 3 straight wins, I thought there would be at least a couple hype music or well-edited highlight videos, but to my surprise I still have not found any. I wonder if I just suck at searching skills? Do you know if anyone made any Awesome videos???
  3. Blake the great

    Dolphins game on youtube?

    Does anyone know if or where the full Dolphins and cardinals game is on youtube? I saw on another thread a couple weeks ago someone posted the full Fins and raiders game
  4. snake eyes

    anybody have a hard knocks Youtube link this week>

    ?????? Thanks.
  5. Bumpus

    Imbedding YouTube videos

    OK, the drunken retard can't figure out how to imbed videos from YouTube into posts. Who wants to school me?
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