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1.2.punch.. R.Williams/R.Brown


Apr 1, 2005
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city of angels
would be awesome..
Even with Brown, Ricky Still Welcome Back...
Posted on: 2005-04-23

[MiamiDolphins.com] (Nick Saban on if this selection puts an end to Ricky Williams coming back) -- “No. Why would it? Two are better than one and this guy played, and I think this team (Auburn) went undefeated with two significant players in the same backfield and it’s because of his versatility that would allow you to use the guy like that. And this guy is an every down back now. And I’ll tell you guys, not very many of them can catch the ball, block - which is really important on third down with all the blitzing that you see - and be the kind of ball carrier and receiver that this guy is. So this is an all-around guy that can be an every down back. There’s no situation that he can’t play in and there’s no other player that he can’t complement because of the versatility that e has.â€Â

nah, keep Ricky away.. Ronnie Brown is just fine, we have Gordon to help out a bit.
Yeah trade Ricky for a day one pick next year.
ricky will come back third string and work is way back into the lineup. he and brown will share the work load.
Ricky and Ronnie would be unreal. I just dont know if I want to forgive Ricky but whatever Saban feels is best.
you do not have to forgive ricky, just watch him run. Run-ricky-Run
Where did Saban's quote come from? Why isn't he showing himself on ESPN. Who did he talk to if he's not talking to ESPN?
Ronnie Brown + Ricky Williams = Greatest RB tandem since Larry Csonka and Jim Kiick/Mercury Morris

We'd dominate on the ground if Houck were able to assemble a decent OL.

I'm not gonna hold my breath, though.
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