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10 things i hate about the Fins....


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Nov 30, 2001
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i'm mad so i have some negative comments to say:

1- Todd Wade sucks as a pass blocker...

2- Morlon Greenwood (he's a rookie but still...) is like a cone on the field..

3- Get Chambers out of KO return!!!:yell: we don't need another injury and certainly not him!!!!

4- Still no passes to TE or Konrad (teams know they're not involved so the OLB & Safety's double the wide or play 8 in the box...)

5- Jay Fiedler is inconsistant & incorrigible... he missed Chambers 2 times deep and threw 2 int's were no Fins were near:mad:
Our Ol sucked today but he still threw the ball to the other team...

6- We can't stop the run (i missed Big D :cry: )

7- The Ray Lucas goaline plays are too predictable...

8- Madison's matchup are against the #2 WR the majority of the time....PUT HIM ON THE #1 for god sake...not Cousin!!! (Cousin is playing well but he's no Madison...)

9- Drafting Fletcher??? he's not even the nickel back...

10- We loss the damn game today...:fire:

Tomorrow is another day so i'll feel better!!! and next week we will pass our frustration on the Pats ;)
The Pats barely won today. They had a field goal contest with the Bills that went into overtime. :rolleyes: If we can't beat them again, then we have REAL problems! :fire:

Jets sucked and the Bengals almost won! :yell:

Raiders sucked and barely won again! :yell:

Congrats to the Detroit Lions!! :D
the pats.....

not too be negative, but we barely beat the Bills too:rolleyes:

:monkey: Jets, Raiders & Pats for winning games they don't deserve to against 3 poor teams!!!!
I love your list, especially #2. Why is Greenwood even in the NFL? Find the jackass responsible for moving up in the draft to get him and fire his ass.
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