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13 - you'll like this one...


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Sep 4, 2001
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After strong start, Raiders fizzling

They've still got their pride, but the poise is disappearing fast, and not only on the field.

The faltering Oakland Raiders are sniping at each other in the locker room after losing three of the past five games -- two at home -- and that's never a good sign one week from the playoffs.

at this rate...

Jon Gruden may be our next O Coordinator :lol: :evil:
NO!!! Mr. Gruden aka Chuckie is EVIL! :evil: I don't want the Dolphins to have the rep of being a dirty team. :yell:
I know, I'm loving it! I was gonna bust their balls over on Cyberhigh, but I figured I would wait for them to lose this week too and really piss them off! :evil: :lol:

Chokeland Gayders SUCK!!! :lol:
sorry, but I will be a big Raider fan this w/e. Anyone playing against the Jets is my 2nd favorite team. Thanks again Bills fans.
I'm not a Jets fan, but I will be secretly cheering for them. I patiently sit back and wait for the demise of the Raiders! :evil: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :evil:
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
I can agree with you there.:)
I wouldn not think you have to be a NY'er (or ex-NY'er) Dolphan to appreciate hating the Jets, but maybe... ;) :lol:
Raiders DT Russell suspended one year

from http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news/20020102/russelsusp.html

Things continue to get worse for the Oakland Raiders.

The Raiders on Wednesday learned that starting defensive tackle Darrell Russell has been suspended one year by the NFL for violating the league's substance abuse policy.

Russell's suspension begins immediately and he is not eligible to be reinstated by commissioner Paul Tagliabue sooner than January 2, 2003.
More Raider Hater news :evil:


Jerry Rice left the Oakland Raiders on Wednesday to be with his ill father in Mississippi, and might miss the team's game against the New York Jets on Sunday.

Gruden also said kicker Sebastian Janikowski was checked into a hospital for cellulitis, a swelling condition, in his kicking foot.
Janikowski missed two games last year with the same condition. "He'll remain in the hospital for a day or two and hopefully this thing will clear up and he'll be ready to go on Sunday," Gruden said. The Raiders have made inquiries into signing another kicker as early as Thursday.
This is what will happen this weekend.

Raiders beat the Jets
Dolphins beat the Bills (that is too easy)
Seahawks beat the Cheifs
Panthers beat the Patriots

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