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1991 Joel Buchsbaum scouting report on Keith Traylor


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The late Joel Buchsbaum may have made John Clayton look like Charles Atlas by comparison, but he was the best draft analyst of all. Kiper couldn't come close to comparing to Joel when it came to evaluating players, in MY opinion.
Here is what he said about Traylor before the 91 draft. Bear in mind that nobody projected Traylor at that point to grow into a DT, let alone a 340 lb DT. It is interesting to note that Buchsbaum commented on his unusually huge calves, even for his size. Leading one to think this was a player who could possible carry more weight. Granted, this is not the Traylor we know today, but I think it is interesting to compare from then to now.

(6-2, 259, 4.73) Central State (Okla.)
Notes: Coffeyville (Kan.) Junior College transfer. Enrolled at Oklahoma in spring 1989 and flashed greatness but left after being told he was three credit hours short and would have to sit out the '89 season. Played for Central State in the fall, recording 79 tackles, 5 sacks, 5 tackles for loss and 2 interceptions although he played in only 5 full games and parts of three others. Had a neck injury and brachial plexus problem. Was slowed by a left knee injury early in 1990, then suffered a season ending stress fracture of the right tibia against Texas A&I in the sixth game of the season. Was leading the team with 67 tackles before he was hurt.
Positives: A real stud. Excellent size and body build. Has huge calves and a body built for power. Very good athlete. Has quickness and speed. At times looks alert, instinctive and reactive. At those times locates the ball quickly and then flies to it. Mean and ornery. Strong, explosive hitter. Shatters people when he hits them. Can dominate the action. Has a burst and lateral quickness. Good change of direction. Can elude blockers or defeat them. Shows flashes of big time blitz ability. Has been used inside and outside.
Negatives: Durability - has been hurt two years in a row. Lacks experience. Does not protect his legs well; gets cut by low blocks. Needs work on techniques and pass drops. Does not always wrap up when he tackles. Has a history of getting into fights, but did the right thing when an ugly off-the-field incident occured in his dorm room at Oklahoma. Hot and cold player who looks lost at times. Made a few nice plays but also did a lot of standing around in Senior Bowl.
Summary: Needs development and refinement, but could be special if he stays healthy. Is a big mean player who can take on and stuff at the point of attack and run with backs.
To think that a 360 pound man ran a 4.73 at one point in his career is astonishing
PhinsPhan said:
he ran a 4.7 when he weighed nearly 100 pounds less. That 40 has no relevance.
he does have relevance... he still had the frame to take an extra 100lbs.
for him to run a 4.7 40 when he was 259 isn't all that spectacular. Now if he could still do that today, that would be spectacular. I guess I shouldn't feel so bad that I've gained about 10 lbs. since graduating college 7 years ago.
finsnchips said:
he does have relevance... he still had the frame to take an extra 100lbs.

Even though the fact that he had the frame to take an extra 100lbs. has relevance, the 40 time doesn't. He couldn't run that today so those times from 14 years ago are irrelevant today.
IT's kinda irrelevant to talk about his college track record when he has spent 12 years in the NFL, however it's hard to believe that this guy came out of Central State as a linebacker.
nm.....I got him confused with Kenny Walker.....not sure how....:confused:
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