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2-6 in our last 8 games.


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Mar 31, 2005
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Yes, we made a brilliant start, two road wins and then the home opener against a Falcon team which still had Julio Jones. The team and staff deserve credit for that.....but since its all gone wrong.

Over our next 8 games we have gone 2-6, losing to the (Thad Lewis) Bills, (Hugely weakened) Ravens, (Winless) Bucs and other average teams. The mistakes continue to be the same and we have yet to score 28 points in a single game all season. Our defense has played well, its doing all it can to win us games and it actually outscored our Offense to beat the Bengals (Pick 6 and Safety got us 9 points, our O scored 1 td for 7 points and special teams did the rest) yet I see nothing that makes me think we will turn the season around.

The running game/oline has been a mess but Ireland/Philbin have to take the blame here. Either recruit better players and if that is harder said than done (which is a fair point) then make sure to coach the players you have to the best they can be. Failing that design plays that cover up our weaknesses!

We spend alot of money, I applaud Ross for opening his check book, but the results we are getting are terrible. I wasnt expecting us to be a SB contender this season but I was expecting to see improvement and knocking at the play-offs door (not like we are because of such a weak afc)

I am all for giving Tannehill time, another 2 seasons at least, he is improving! But I am not sold on Philbin/Sherman and Ireland.

Losing to the Panthers, with no second half points, is just disgusting and a telling sign that the people who are running the show arent making corrections within the game to get us to win.
I am shocked to enter this thread and see Hayden Fox post about the awful job Joe Philbin has done.

(Not that I disagree.)
Tannehill is rolling out more and stepping up into the pocket....all he needs to do is work on that deep ball (in which I also see improvement....slight but its still better than nothing)

We need a coach that is real good wit QBs. Zack needs to go. So does Sherman.
I like the discipline Philbin has instilled in this team but I think it has led to some players being more reserved that they should. There's no thought of "let's beat these dudes by 20", just let's win. Then there's the play calling...
Joe Philbin hired a staff not on meritocracy, but personal connections.
When you're losing winnable games by 4 points or less and blowing halftime lead after halftime lead that falls on the coaching staff. I've had enough of all of them.
I like the discipline Philbin has instilled in this team but I think it has led to some players being more reserved that they should. There's no thought of "let's beat these dudes by 20", just let's win. Then there's the play calling...

Beat someone by 20? We can't even score 20.
I actually live in Nebraska and got to watch Zac play while he was here. I don't think he needs to go, He was one of my favorite QBs of recent years here at Nebraska. He knows how to play QB, he's cerebral and he reads defenses well. My personal opinion is that he's a Great QBs coach. The adjustments the coaching staff makes are BY FAR not good, but you don't see Ryan's adjustments being AS BAD as the other adjustments, he's doing fine. Everyone else around him seems to not be adjusting later in the game (Again, just my personal opinion)
I'm well aware of this.

Everyone remains focused on the 6.5 wins.

If we get there, it's a considerable letdown with nothing else to shoot for. I tried to keep that in mind as we blew that game yesterday. If we had won that game and then defeated the Jets, very possible we pack it in mentally for the balance.
In the last 7 games we have scored 9 points in the 4th qt. We have 4 TDs in the 4th qt all season and one was a pick six by Reshard Jones another was in mop up while the Saints crushed us. We haven't scored 28 points or more in a game. All said it's the fans fault!
People talk about half time lead, those were 2 bombs to Wallace that just as easily could not have been. The more obvious symptom is that this offense cannot sustain drives. The reason for that is poor talent, starting with the line, down to receivers and running backs, and the QB as well. We are not good enough on offense across the board. The best thing this team has on offense is Wallace deep. The week before, it was Clay's wild run, but those spectacular plays are few with this roster.
The coaching staff deserves some of the blame as this was a game were all 3 unitshad a part on losing. The offence with only 1 TD....the special teams missing a FG and we had no long returns as usual and the defence as usual could not hold the lead we had. The defence was bad at the end of the first half and at the end of the 2nd half. This team doesn't know how to win. NE finds ways to win and we find ways to lose.

Ozzy rules!!
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