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2002 Offseason Player Movement

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Mar 10, 2002
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2002 Offseason Player Movement

by Fanball Staff - Fanball.com
Tuesday, April 2, 2002

Here's a look at the fantasy-relevant player moves from the 2002 offseason. Also, you will find a list of existing free agent skill players. But first, a word from the NFL rule book.

Unrestricted free agents (UFAs) have logged four or more NFL seasons and are free to sign with any team unless given a franchise or transition tag. Restricted free agents (RFAs) have three years of pro experience. The player's current team has a right of first refusal on offers from other teams. If the team chooses to let a restricted free agent leave by opting to not match an offer, the team will receive draft-choice compensation from the player's new team.

Quarterbacks Dameyune Craig: signed by Redskins; one-year contract (2001 team: Panthers) Trent Dilfer: re-signed by Seahawks; four years, $8 million (2001 team: Seahawks) Jay Fiedler: re-signed by Dolphins; five years, $25 million (2001 team: Dolphins) Joe Germaine: re-signed by Chiefs; terms not disclosed (2001 team: Chiefs) Elvis Grbac: retired (2001 team: Ravens) Rob Johnson: signed by Buccaneers; one year, $1 million (2001 team: Bills) Jeff Lewis: signed by Saints; one-year contract (2001 team: Panthers) Jamie Martin: re-signed by Rams, contract extended through 2004 (2001 team: Rams) Jim Miller: re-signed by Bears; five years, $12 million (2001 team: Bears) Rick Mirer: signed by Raiders; terms not disclosed (2001 team: 49ers) Danny Wuerffel: traded to Redskins (2001 team: None)

Running backs Rabih Abdullah: signed by Bears; three-year contract (2001 team: Buccaneers) James Allen: signed by Texans; one year, $800,000 (2001 team: Bears) Fred Beasley: re-signed by 49ers; four years, $6.1 million (2001 team: 49ers) Rueben Droughns: signed by Broncos; terms not disclosed (2001 team: Lions) Warrick Dunn: signed by Falcons; six years, $28.5 million (2001 team: Buccaneers) Robert Edwards: signed by Dolphins; one-year contract (2001 team: None) Byron Hanspard: signed by Buccaneers; one-year contract (2001 team: None) Garrison Hearst: re-signed by 49ers; six years, $20 million (2001 team: 49ers) William Henderson: re-signed by Packers; four-year contract (2001 team: Packers) J.J. Johnson: traded to Browns (2001 team: Dolphins) Randy Jordan: re-signed by Raiders; one year, $675,000 (2001 team: Raiders) Brian Mitchell: re-signed by Eagles; one-year contract (2001 team: Eagles) Harold Morrow: re-signed by Vikings; terms not disclosed (2001 team: Vikings) Michael Pittman: signed by Buccaneers; five years, $8.75 million (2001 team: Cardinals) Antowain Smith: re-signed by Patriots; five years, $21 million (2001 team: Patriots) Lamar Smith: signed by Panthers; three years, $4.3 million (2001 team: Dolphins) Lamont Warren: re-signed by Lions; terms not disclosed (2001 team: Lions) Ricky Williams: traded to Dolphins (2001 team: Saints)

Wide receivers Reidel Anthony: signed by Redskins; one year, $525,000 (2001 team: Bucs) Corey Bradford: signed by Texans; three years, $5.3 million (2001 team: Packers) Germane Crowell: re-signed by Lions; three years, $7.5 million (2001 team: Lions) Tim Dwight: re-signed by Chargers; five years, $15 million (2001 team: Chargers) Bobby Engram: re-signed by Seahawks; one year, $525,000 (2001 team: Seahawks) Terry Glenn: traded to Packers (2001 team: Patriots) Jacquez Green: signed by Redskins; three years, $4.3 million (2001 team: Buccaneers) Az-zahir Hakim: signed by Lions; five years, $16 million (2001 team: Rams) Donald Hayes: signed by Patriots; two years, $4 million (2001 team: Panthers) Qadry Ismail: signed by Colts; three years, $4 million (2001 team: Ravens) Patrick Johnson: signed by Jaguars; one year, $575,000 (2001 team: Ravens) Rob Moore: signed by Broncos; one year, $775,000 (2001 team: Cardinals) Johnnie Morton: signed by Chiefs; seven years; $25.7 million (2001 team: Lions) Keith Poole: signed by Buccaneers; one-year contract (2001 team: Broncos) Chris Sanders: signed by Browns; one year, $650,000 (2001 team: Titans) Bill Schroeder: signed by Lions; four years, $6 million (2001 team: Packers) Tony Simmons: signed by Texans; terms not disclosed (2001 team: Colts)

Tight ends Stephen Alexander: signed by Chargers; five years, $15 million (2001 team: Redskins) Marco Battaglia: signed by Buccaneers; three years, $3 million (2001 team: Redskins) Luther Broughton: signed by Bears; one-year contract (2001 team: Panthers) Mark Bruener: re-signed by Steelers; five years, $14 million (2001 team: Steelers) Byron Chamberlain: re-signed by Vikings; five years, $7.5 million (2001 team: Vikings) Cam Cleeland: signed by Patriots; one year, $525,000 (2001 team: Saints) Christian Fauria: signed by Patriots; three years, $3.8 million (2001 team: Seahawks) Freddie Jones: signed by Cardinals; three years, $5.1 million (2001 team: Chargers) Johnny McWilliams: signed by Vikings; terms not disclosed (2001 team: None) Itula Mili: re-signed by Seahawks; multiyear contract (2001 team: Seahawks) Pete Mitchell: signed by Jaguars; one year, $650,000 (2001 team: Lions) Tywan Mitchell: re-signed by Cardinals; one-year contract (2001 team: Cardinals) Dave Moore: signed by Bills; three years, $3.8 million (2001 team: Buccaneers) Jeff Robinson: signed by Cowboys; four years, $4.8 million (2001 team: Rams) David Sloan: signed by Saints; four years, $7.1 million (2001 team: Lions) Jed Weaver: re-signed by Dolphins; one year, $563,000 (2001 team: Dolphins)

Kickers Morten Andersen: signed by Chiefs; one year, $750,000 (2001 team: Giants) Kris Brown: signed by Texans; four years, $4.7 million (2001 team: Steelers) John Carney: re-signed by Saints; one year, $775,000 (2001 team: Saints) Steve Christie: re-signed by Chargers; one year, $750,000 (2001 team: Chargers) Jon Hilbert: signed by Bears; two years, $699,000 (2001 team: Cowboys) Rian Lindell: re-signed by Seahawks; terms not disclosed (2001 team: Seahawks) Todd Peterson: signed by Steelers; four years, $3.925 million (2001 team: Chiefs) Adam Vinatieri: re-signed by Patriots; long-term deal (2001 team: Patriots)

Remaining Free Agents Quarterbacks Tony Banks: UFA (2001 team: Redskins) Charlie Batch: UFA (2001 team: Lions) Jeff Blake: UFA (2001 team: Saints) Dave Brown: UFA (2001 team: Cardinals) Chris Chandler: UFA (2001 team: Falcons) Randall Cunningham: UFA (2001 team: Ravens) Jake Delhomme: RFA (2001 team: Saints) Gus Frerotte: UFA (2001 team: Broncos) Jason Garrett: UFA (2001 team: Giants) Kent Graham: UFA (2001 team: Redskins) Elvis Grbac: UFA (2001 team: Ravens) Brock Huard: RFA (2001 team: Seahawks) Paul Justin: UFA (2001 team: Rams) Scott Mitchell: UFA (2001 team: Bengals) Doug Pederson: UFA (2001 team: Packers) Jonathan Quinn: UFA (2001 team: Jaguars) Mark Rypien: UFA (2001 team: Colts) Anthony Wright: RFA (2001 team: Cowboys)

Running backs Terry Allen: UFA (2001 team: Ravens) Obafemi Ayanbadejo: RFA (2001 team: Ravens) Donnell Bennett: UFA (2001 team: Redskins) Tim Biakabutuka: UFA (2001 team: Panthers) Shawn Bryson: RFA (2001 team: Bills) Ki-Jana Carter: UFA (2001 team: Redskins) Greg Comella: UFA (2001 team: Giants) Autry Denson: RFA (2001 team: Bears) Olandis Gary: RFA (2001 team: Broncos) Sam Gash: UFA (2001 team: Ravens) Chris Hetherington: UFA (2001 team: Panthers) Skip Hicks: UFA (2001 team: Titans) James Hodgins: RFA (2001 team: Rams) Robert Holcombe: UFA (2001 team: Rams) Richard Huntley: UFA (2001 team: Panthers) Sedrick Irvin: RFA (2001 team: Lions) Terry Jackson: RFA (2001 team: 49ers) Travis Jervey: UFA (2001 team: Falcons) Leon Johnson: UFA (2001 team: Bears) Randy Jordan: UFA (2001 team: Raiders) Dorsey Levens: UFA (2001 team: Packers) Stacey Mack: RFA (2001 team: Jaguars) Cecil Martin: RFA (2001 team: Eagles) Daimon Shelton: UFA (2001 team: Bears) Mack Strong: UFA (2001 team: Seahawks) Justin Watson: RFA (2001 team: Rams) Ricky Watters: UFA (2001 team: Seahawks) Moe Williams: UFA (2001 team: Ravens) Amos Zereoue: RFA (2001 team: Steelers)

Wide receivers D’Wayne Bates: RFA (2001 team: Bears) Marty Booker: RFA (2001 team: Bears) Na Brown: RFA (2001 team: Eagles) Cris Carter: UFA (2001 team: Vikings) Darrin Chiaverini: RFA (2001 team: Cowboys) Albert Connell: UFA (2001 team: Saints) Sean Dawkins: UFA (2001 team: Jaguars) Donald Driver: RFA (2001 team: Packers) Bert Emanuel: UFA (2001 team: Lions) Jeff Graham: UFA (2001 team: Chargers) Matthew Hatchette: UFA (2001 team: Jets) Willie Jackson: UFA (2001 team: Saints) Charles Johnson: UFA (2001 team: Patriots) Joe Jurevicius: UFA (2001 team: Giants) Tony Martin: UFA (2001 team: Falcons) Terance Mathis: UFA (2001 team: Falcons) O.J. McDuffie: UFA (2001 team: Dolphins) Wane McGarity: RFA (2001 team: Saints) Herman Moore: UFA (2001 team: Lions) Jeff Ogden: UFA (2001 team: Dolphins) Larry Parker: RFA (2001 team: Chiefs) Jerome Pathon: UFA (2001 team: Colts) Ricky Proehl: UFA (2001 team: Rams) Jake Reed: UFA (2001 team: Vikings) Bobby Shaw: UFA (2001 team: Steelers) Brandon Stokley: RFA (2001 team: Ravens) Chris Thomas: UFA (2001 team: Chiefs) Michael Westbrook: UFA (2001 team: Redskins) Alvis Whitted: UFA (2001 team: Jaguars) Terrence Wilkins: RFA (2001 team: Colts) Karl Williams: UFA (2001 team: Buccaneers) Robert Wilson: RFA (2001 team: Saints)

Tight ends Dan Campbell: RFA (2001 team: Giants) Desmond Clark: RFA (2001 team: Broncos) Greg Clark: UFA (2001 team: 49ers) Tyrone Davis: UFA (2001 team: Packers) Ken Dilger: UFA (2001 team: Colts) Tony Gonzalez: UFA (2001 team: Chiefs) franchise tag Hunter Goodwin: UFA (2001 team: Dolphins) Lamont Hall: RFA (2001 team: Saints) Terry Hardy: RFA (2001 team: Cardinals) Jackie Harris: UFA (2001 team: Cowboys) Steve Heiden: RFA (2001 team: Chargers) Damon Jones: UFA (2001 team: Jaguars) Andrew Jordan: UFA (2001 team: Vikings) Mike Lucky: RFA (2001 team: Cowboys) Mikhael Ricks: UFA (2001 team: Chiefs) Rod Rutledge: UFA (2001 team: Patriots) O.J. Santiago: UFA (2001 team: Browns) Shannon Sharpe: UFA (2001 team: Ravens) Kaseem Sinceno: UFA (2001 team: Bears) Jerame Tuman: RFA (2001 team: Steelers)

Kickers Gary Anderson: UFA (2001 team: Vikings) Cary Blanchard: UFA (2001 team: Cardinals) Phil Dawson: RFA (2001 team: Browns) Jason Elam: UFA (2001 team: Broncos) franchise tag Mike Hollis: UFA (2001 team: Jaguars)
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