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2004-2005 Season Scrap Book


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May 28, 2004
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Northern Califa
Just post any pictures you took at any of the Dolphin games this past season.I wish i could post mine but they are all to large:mad: .
Bigjbizzle2 said:
the only picture worth having for memory was thompson over brown for the w

this one :)

we yelled at some of the arizona cards and they picked us off and ran it in. when they scored, one of their corners pointed at our group and laughed. what a funny sight that was...realizing that we were so bad that the cardinals were laughing at us.
i er...cried

then wore everything miami dolphins i had just to piss off all the patriot fans

i had towels....sunglasses


i got sent to the deans for wearing a miami dolphins hat too
Woohooo!!!!! Dunk! Dunk!!

After I ran like a wilderbeast through the woods with Dol, I TEABAGGED a SCUM PATRIOT fan with my boys as he prematurely talked so much smack!! IT WAS PRICELESS!!! :cooldude:
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