2018 Dolphins Mock Draft

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    1-11. Tremaine Edmunds - LB - Virginia Tech
    Run on quarterbacks will push good player down to us. Traditional off ball LB who is just scratching the surface of his potential.

    2-42. Harrison Phillips - DT - Stanford
    Smart, reads and reacts quickly, and goes all out every play. Not much of a pass rusher but will get some pressures due to all out effort.

    3-73. Jessie Bates - S - Wake Forest
    Well rounded safety who has good instincts VS pass but not afraid to be aggressive versus run. Must fill out to avoid injuries.

    4-123. Troy Fumagalli - TE - Wisconsin
    Played in pro style offence. Can play in-line, detached and in motion. Runs good routes. Has good hands. May have problems separating at NFL level. Not much of a blocker.

    4-131. Josh Adams - RB - Notre Dame
    I want a big back to complement Drake. Tough runner, good receiver. Slow initial burst but good speed once under way.

    6 - 209. Brett Toth - OT - Army
    Big frame, good balance, good initial quickness and excellent run blocker. Has short arms. needs to work on pass blocking and must serve 2 year military commitment. Some team is going to draft this kid in round 7. Let's beat them to the punch.

    7- 223. Jamil Demby - OG - Maine
    Made his bones at tackle but will shift inside for NFL. Good initial quickness for man his size and plays mean. Must get in better shape and needs more coaching due to lower level of competition while in college.

    7-229. Riley Ferguson - QB - Memphis
    Must fill out and needs a good QB coach to adjust mechanics. Has good arm strength, fairly accurate and has enough movement to keep plays alive.
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