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@244 New England (Passed)

What dumbasses. Why would they pass?

Did they forget they got Tom Brady in the sixth round not too long ago?
Interesting. They didn't have a pick after they moved up to get Rohan Davey in the middle of the 4th. Traded away their 5th/6th rounders and passed on the 7th.

Update: (Passed -- Pick used at 253 after Detroit)

WTF is up with that?
They just exercised their pick. They took WR David Givens
They probably wanted more time to decide who they wanted.
Nah. They didn't have a pick since the middle of the 4th round. Since yesterday went so slow they went out for dinner and a movie figuring they had hours forgetting that the time allotment is much smaller on day 2. They then missed their pick and got a call on their cells and rushed back to get their pick in.

or they could have just wanted more time :cool:
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