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3 fullbacks and 4 running backs


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Aug 30, 2002
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3 fullbacks will make this roster the way Abyenjo played was sweet plus he is a special teamer and a smart veteran. He looked smooth and quick tonight catching the football.

I also think they should keep Henry in the fourth spot. He will be snapped up in a heart beat. he ran well i thought and caught and ran really well. I hope they find a DB, cause they are crazy to keep more then 8 right now.

Fletcher looked off on a few plays and got beat badly on a reviewed play.

We have a third stringer. He looked good and has size and some speed. I liked the way he played and his stats were fine for a week with a new playbook.

The offensive line is weak beyond 8 guys and they don't need to keep more then 8 on defense with Taylor possibly getting the last spot soooooo

They can keep 6 wideouts....... Albert Johnson looked swift and speedy returning kicks. He is obviously faster then minor and i hope he makes the team. It is the Ogden and Baker battle. I feel bad for Baker but if he gets cut he will get picked up by someone this time.

The back up defensive line was horrible. They were getting pushed around and run over.

Just a few thoughts from tonights game. I pick up the feed from the old large dish. Also have sunday ticket the sweetest invention on the planet......

loved watching Csonka as a kid, he was amazing............
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