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40 times


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Apr 25, 2005
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long time lurker first time poster...

i thought i would share my experience with 40 times as i have heard lots of 'what is the difference' remarks here this year
back in the day i ran a 4.65 40 in collage...
at the time that i was clocked at that speed another runner ran a 4.57

let me tell you guys... that difference is about a yard

for corners and recievers thats the differnce between open and coverd...
.08 of a second is all it takes at full speed to get open
ran a 4.53 in highschool, tore my knee up in hockey, 10th grade, freshman year college football ran a 4.42, even doctor was impressed. It felt like a world of difference too. I also feel, myself, and I am sure a lot of players, in a game situation, you run faster.
Welcome to the board and preach it man. Good 1st post.
thanks for the warm welcome....:)

speed is critical on any team. there are techniques used to help offset some speed diferences but speed is critical
my problem with relying on 40 times is this, good technique off the block can earn you .1 second which is huge, if a guy is just fast but doesn't hvae the proper starting technique to run a 40 he might be .1 second slower than the guy whos got the right hand positioning and track runner experience... i dont know but i dont think the times are all that reliable...
i think what you mean arsenal is that there is 40 speed and quickness and what you are saying is legit... people who are quick will run short routs... they will make cuts and will be involved in plays were the pass is thrown into a cut rout...
but 40 time is a great measure for most intermediate and deep routs.

the techniques used by corners and linebackers try and make up for differences in speed
they include things like playing off and knocking hands to throw the runner off stride... but in the end if you have speed the other team must accomidate you
football speed is what counts.... 40 times are over-rated by fans and the media.... some of the best pro's on the field today would not impress with their 40 times.... just with their football speed.... angles, anticipation, explosion. instinct.....
40 Times on the football field are very over rated... A lot of good players slip down in the draft because they dont have the flashy 4.4 speed.. I dont agree with the 40 and I dont think it is an accurate rating to judge a football player by..

When I Was a JR in High School i was running a 4.55 40.. There were people who were much faster than me but not once was I ever caught from behind on a long run..

Going into my JR year they wanted me to move to RB, so when I was 175 lbs and running a 4.5 I had to bulk up to be able to handle being a RB.. Well I added about 20 lbs over the offseason and summer and was up to 195 and I prolly ran a 4.75 maybe slightly faster.. Still I never had a problem with getting caught or getting open when I was running a route or running the ball from the backfield..

I just find 40 times very over rated..
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