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6 Favorite Highlights (Why 6? I'm wierd)...


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Sep 11, 2002
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6.) Vinny's First Pick

5.) Vinny's Second Pick

4.) Vinny's Fumble

3.) Oronde Gadsden's one handed catch... the one that was inbounds... Just phenomenal (as was the one he caught out of bounds)...

2.) 4th QTR 3 down and 6, Fiedler passes to McMichael in the flat who breaks 2 tacklers and picks up the first... That was a huge play and set up my #1 favorite highlight which came next....

1.) The very next play Ricky Williams runs 53 yards for a touchdown run driving a nail into the Jets coffin. (The saints were right, Ricky is slow and can't break the long one. HAHAHAHAHA1 Yea right.)

Honorable Mention:
Travis Minor's td run driving another nail in that coffin just for good measure....

In the past we have had good things like that, but haven't been able to put them all together into a win. What good is an amazing catch by Oronde if its in Oakland and the only shining moment on a dismal day offensively and defensively? Ah but when you can keep games competitive, and he does that over the middle, possibly saving a would-be interception on an overthrown Fiedler pass, then yeah...that certainly helps.
solid :D

how about that huge play by D Bo annihilating Martin on third down. nice to see D Bo get some camera :cool:
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