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65-7 what more do ya want?


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Sep 4, 2001
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What a BLOWOUT. Miami will definitely be #1 in the BCS this week. Got one more game to worry about. Virginia Tech can be a pain, but I think the Canes can manage.:cool:
I think it was payback for last year

Well deserved payback, I might add.:lol: Those Huskies got euthanized.:evil: Next stop Virginia!:D
I don't think they were running it up too much. They were allowing the defense the chance to stop them on those 4th down calls, instead of taking the automatic three.

I didn't see it though, I was busy watching my Irish fall apart again. Jon Gruden......come on down!!!!!!
i know..............

it was payback for last year. i think some talk this year about the canes having a weak schedule had a little to do with it also!:D
Congrats Canes..I've always had respect for your program, but I really didn't think this game would be this ugly...Beat the Hokies and good luck in the rose bowl....Joe
tipping his hat...and his beer to the Canes..
Great game, two blowouts in a row against two top 25 teams! We are easily number 1 in the BCS and we will go to the Rose Bowl!
The OB was rockin! I mean, that stadium was packed... people were standing in the rows along the stadium cause there wasn't any place to sit... people were even sitting on the steps! It was crazy!

All I can say..


I Love That Bird (only Cane fans will know what I mean)
Our D is just clicking right now. Only 7 points total scored against us vs the 12 & 13 ranked teams. This is the year.
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