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A Balanced analysis of Dolphins' Chances?


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Feb 11, 2002
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This guy's done his homework pretty well. Recognises the challenges we face and the endgame for us. Ironically, it's found on the same section of the NBC's website that the original of that article by Mike Celizic about Ricky not bringing us the crown is found.

His prediction for the AFC East?
1) Miami
2) New England
3) Buffalo
4) New York

I can live with that. Go Borges! Go Phins!:cool:
What I don't get is how he considers Turner's stint in Washington a failure...

Yes, his team was not extremely successful, but they were consistently ranked one of the top offenses in the league. He turned Brad Johnson into a pro-bowler, and made Stephen Davis lead the league in rushing. They were what the colts were last year, high-powered offense with NO defense. Norv doesn't have to worry about defense with the Dolphins, so if he can produce HALF the offense he had in Washington, the Dolphins will be going a long way.
Success in the NFL is determined by record and playoff wins. In that sense, Turners stint was a failure.

Overall that was a very good, balance, article. I can't say I disagree with anything too much.
Norv Turner's stint as a head coach was a failure. His teams were never disciplined or well coached and he never picked the right D-coordinators to help the defense. And contrary to popular decision, Daniel Snyder's actions only sped up an eventual demise a little bit. Norv screwed that team over as head coach. His stint running the offense was a blazing success though. But offense puts fans in the stand, defense wins championships.

Rams only won the year they did because the D was great that year. The next year they still had the incredible O, but a terrible D, and look where that got them. This year they had an incredible O and a great D and probably should have won the big show. Too bad they forgot that Marshall was on the team.
I think Dave's on the hotseat more than Norv. Its sad but no coach is safe anymore until he's brought his team to the Super Bowl. If we exit the playoffs in the first or second round again this year....Dave could be fired, depending on what coaches become available.
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