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A first round QB at a 2nd round price...


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May 24, 2002
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Looks like things are shaping up badly for the Redskins and QB Patrick Ramsey. Contract negotiations are going nowhere and now Pro Football Talk reports that the Redskins are thinking of just outright trading his rights away to another team.

A lot of folks felt Ramsey was a bit of a reach at the place the Skins took him late in the first round, so chances are nobody's willing to offer more than a 2nd round pick. The confusion I guess revolves around whether or not trading Ramsey would also trade over a portion of the Redskins rookie pool allocation. If so a trade would be easy and painless, if not there's probably not a team out there that could afford him.

Its times like this I wish we didn't have a pick to still give the Saints that is conditioned on production for this season. Argh. Ramsey's not such a bad QB ya know, probably more promising than Drew Brees was coming out.

Also it looks like Mount McKinney is still holding out in Minnesota and now the Vikings are just moving on with life and moving Matt Birk to LT in order to compensate...and are fully prepared to go the season without him. Wish we could trade for Mount McKinney that would be way better than Ramsey, and probably a lot more useful this season.
as for Ramsey I wouldnt want to trade any draft pick ,next year there will be alot of 1st round QB's......I would trade Ramsey for some second or 3rd stringers on our roster.....i.e. S.Wooden,B.Smith,S.Draper.
Wst Coast fin is dead on..Next Year is the Year of the QB's with a lot coming out..No need to trade for Ramsey or Mckinnie (vikes would want a 1st rounder anyway)..as well who would want two players that care more about money than about playing football ?
Wouldn't it be great if we got Byron Leftwich or Rex Grossman?? Whew. Ah, I can't wait for the draft.
How bout Ken Dorsey ? Personnaly i'd stay away from those U of F QB's (Wuerffel Matthews Johnson)..BTW is U of Pitt 's QB any good??
Ken Dorsey really has no arm strenght.................
...and Micheal Bishop can throw a ball 70 yds...Nevertheless he's in the CFL and never could beat out a man in NE with no arm strength by the name of Tom Brady...And we all know what he did..Arm Strength isnt as important as good mechanics and smarts..all of which ken Dorsey has an abundance..
Ken Dorsey has less arm strength than 99% of QB's in this league and he's way too small to hold up. Remember he never gets hit at Uof M with that O-line.

He will be a bust.
Tom Brady has good arm strength. Dorsey, the way it looks, is a product of the system. Look at all the talent he had, and the people protecting him. I can't remember how many games I saw where Dorsey didn't even have a bit of dirt on his but, he could just stand in the pockets for an eternity.
Yeah I'm not all that impressed with Dorsey. Guys we will not be drafting a QB next year in the first round. Who cares if its the year of the first round QB? It doesn't apply to us. Drafting a 1st round QB just isn't our style and they proved it when they took an undersized CB instead Drew Brees after Fiedler had an unspectacular year starting for us.

Of course the Vikes would want a 1st for McKinney but he's so worth it that its ridiculous. I would hand the Vikes our first round pick next year (if it were possible) for Bryant McKinney within minutes. Almost all players care more about money than playing, as well they should. They subject their bodies to the most painful injuries and hobble themselves for the rest of their life for what...cuz they get pleasure entertaining us? Wishful thinking. The problem with McKinney's contract negotiations are that neither of the two picks picked ahead of McKinney have signed either...Quentin Jammer or Ryan Sims. The 2nd problem is that the Vikes REALLY wanted Ryan Sims and that fact is reflected in their contract negotiations. I hate when fans see a player not signing a contract and therefore not reporting to training camp, and automatically think that the player's a money grubbing scrub just cuz he won't play for FREE. Teams lowball guys all the time and we just did it with Seth McKinney but he pressured his agent to cave. The agent wants to wait until Jammer and Sims get signed so he has a better idea of his boundaries, but the Vikes are getting impatient and forcing things along.

I'm not sure of the details of the Ramsey negotiations.

I don't know why this thread was moved, this is primarily a dolphins thread.
We really wont know about Dorsey's or Grossman's draft status untill the season starts. They both have a lot to prove this season since they both lost alot of talent around them. Right now you have Dave Ragone and Byron Leftwitch as locks for the first round picks. Then you have alot of guys that are a good season away from being there; Dorsey, Grossman, Simms, Carson Palmer, Brian St. Peire, and Jason Gesser.
Then you have at least 5 guys more that may be the next David Carr(Kliff Kingsburry would be my pick). Then you look at the Junior class(Grosman is a JR but is already gone) Manning and Clausen lead this group.

Honestly you could have anywhere from 2 to 10 qbs that will have a 1st round grade going in to next Apirl.
Rex Grossman is a stud QB. This season in a scaled down offense will show more of player vs system on him. Jim Mandich even said that Rex Grossman was the real deal.
I think you may be wrong CK....Jay's contract runs out soon...(the way it's structured it will never get past 3 yrs.)

We don't have a guy behind him who can start in this league and be a star.(I think Levcik has potential, but star potential?)

I think drafting a QB or WR is the only way we can go next draft. A QB because of the talent and ability to get a guy much better than we could in most year's. (Ramsey would be a 3rd rd guy in next year's class.)

A WR because Gadsden is a FA and on hobbled toes...McDrops is 30 and may not last past the year...Ward is a great 3rd or 4th but never a #2....Getting a stud young guy to groom next to CC would make our O complete.

You forgot Jason Thomas as guys a good year away from having a 1st rd grade.
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