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A Freebie???


Animus facit nobilem
Jul 30, 2002
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I predicted a Packer win but i didnt think they would run over us like they did...
I was mainly disapointed in the fins lackadistical attitude...:fire:

A lot of fans talked about this being a freebie game and it seemed like the fins agreed..Right from the first whistle they were either patting Favre on the butt or helping Ahman Green of his feet...For crying out loud where was the emotion??????
Ray Charles seemed like he was the only one that cared...:eek:
Wanny has got to get them motivated for next week aganist the Jets which will be our biggest game to date...Sunday Night in the Meadowlands IS NOT A FREEBIE...I just hope the players show more emotion...
As for the performances well if your lackadistikal, sloppy and you dont have your head in the game turnovers will happen and at Lambeau you cant win with turnovers...
Anyway Cris Welcome back Carter seemed more like Cris Turn it over Carter..Sam Madison is getting beat too much...And as much as i respect Brett Favre Morlon will you hit him.if you want to paly patty cake or touch football this isnt the NFL..:fire:
My 2 cents on a very disapointing game
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