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A lesson in perspective


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Aug 16, 2002
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I just read an amusing column in the Dallas Ft. Worth Star-Telegram exhorting Cowboy fans not to get all excited about the 'Boys 2-0 preseason start, as Super Bowls are not won in August. It was like reading a Bizarro-world analysis of the Dolphins' woeful preseason start.
Man, I live in Dallas. All day today that's all I've heard. About how the 3rd string and wannabe's were dominating the Carolina team. etc. etc. etc.

While I'm the type of person that hate's hype, this is unbearable at times. I just keep telling them to look at who their QB is and talk to me in January. :D
Actually, I think the 'Boys may sneak into the playoffs this year, but I, too, am hesitant to anoint them as Super Bowl bound.
Interesting fact; the 1979 Giants, went 6-0 in preseason( yeah, 6 preseason games!!) and with Larry Czonka as their new RB they were rolling over their opponents while the whole city was talking Super bowl.
The Giants went on to open the real season with 9 straight losses....;)
Wow! :o I had forgotten Czonk did a tour of duty with the Giants. Memories ... pressed between the pages of my mid ...
The W or L in preseason means nothing, but how the first teams play DO mean something I think and our first teams have been a little sloppy, and special teams have been REAL sloppy

If Rob Burnett suffers one more injury, I really think he will be cut.
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