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A question for the members on this board?


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Jan 9, 2002
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Who was the one person that came on this MB you could not stan?
Just wondering because I read the thread on you phin fans giving porps to Denver/Raven fans on how classly they are.
There were a few bills fans. The Jets fans havent been all bad. I mean we have to take a certain level of crap from them considering the streak and all. My 2 least favorites were rude american, and some one that was impersonating a red neck woman I forget the handle they used.
We had some Oakland and Pittsburg fans come to our MB and make fun of what happen on 9/11. Now that what you call classless punks. I wouldn't mind meeting a few of them face to face.
#1 Jets Fan was a pain in the a$$ for awhile, but he was banned. As for the rest of the Jets fans, I have made friends with a few, except for the a-hole that grabbed my jersey at the Jets game in Miami. Basically most Bills fans, except for my new buddy. They are actually worse on here than Bills fans in person. :rolleyes: I have never encountered a rude Steelers fan until I went to the Ravens board. :rolleyes: I can't stand Raider fans. I think they are ridiculous, so I like to smack them the most. :D I have never had a problem with Patriots or Colts fans. Well, my best friend is a Pats fan and she likes to bust my chops, but I forgive her. ;) There was Caveman6666, a 49ers fan, that was a real jerk, but he only posted a few times. I don't recall anyone else.
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