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A Year Off From Football


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Jan 19, 2005
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Regarding the Ricky situation,can anybody remember a player taking a
year off (not counting injury)and coming back?
The only one I can remember is when Too Tall Jones left Dallas to
try to become a boxer.Anybody else????
It will be hard for him to get back in the shape he needs to be in with the correct weight by the time training camps start.
I heard Ricky is at 175, he won't make it back up in time.
It can be done... look at all the players that rehab injuries and come back to be productive... some better than ever.... IMO the physical aspect is not an issue provided they bring him back slowly.... it's the mental part that raises all the flags....
Fitz said:
I heard Ricky is at 175, he won't make it back up in time.


He's at 205 right now.
I was thinking of that as I was driving to work today. I couldn't think of one RB that did that.
Mark Fields - LB Carolina Panthers......took a year off because of hodgekins (sp?) disease.

He came back in '04 and made the Pro Bowl.

Also, Deion Sanders.
30 lbs of muscle is a lot of ground to regain, especially if you're trying to do it without gaining too much bodyfat. Then again people who have a certain amount of muscle and lose it tend to regain it much faster than those who never had it to begin with (a phenomenon refered to as "muscle memory"). Bottom line, I think its highly unlikely he'll be ready by training camp even if he hit the weights today. Mid to late season is more likely and that's if he starts soon.
Willis McGahee, took a year off and came back this year and did pretty well. Took the starting job from Henry which isnt a bad RB either. Granted it was due to injury, but I think it would be easier to build yourself back into football shape if you weren't injured. Ricky can gain that weight back no prob.
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