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Jul 18, 2010
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Dear mods, I know this doesn't belong here, but let's be honest, hardly anyone looks at the other sections so it gets the most traction and thoughts here.

AAF-A Fan's Perspective.
I enjoyed it. There were more points in the Orlando/Atlanta game than in the Super Bowl! :)
But all kidding aside, it was enjoyable and watchable. I love the no kicking basically a gimmee extra point. You must go for two.
I like the overtime idea which resembles college. You could end up with more ties but so be it.
The no kickoffs could work if the onside idea goes over well (You get a 4th and 12 of you elect after a TD)
I hope the 5 rushers/blitzers thing in just temporary since they had no real training camp. Not a fan of this.
I loved the coaches and players being miced up and it available to us right then and there
The replay official being on video and miced up was awesome too.
Let's see how this goes. Could be good, especially for football junkies at this time of year.


Restore the greatness!
Sep 10, 2005
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Syracuse, New York
I didn't watch any games yet, but I did see the highlights of the Atlanta/Orlando game tonight. LB Terence Garvin plays for Orlando (we signed him in the offseason last year) and he had a great night: 10 tackles, 2 INTs (one returned for a pick 6), and 1 TFL.
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