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Aaron Hernandez failed drug tests


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Why did University of Florida tight end Aaron Hernandez last until the fourth round when his free fall ended with the New England Patriots drafting him?
Florida tight end Aaron Hernandez reportedly failed several drug tests in college.
Hernandez reportedly flunked several drug tests for marijuana, according to the Boston Globe.
Hernandez admitted to using marijuana at the NFL scouting combine, per the report.
“It’s good he did that,’’ an AFC college scouting official said. “But it was enough to scare people so that he fell through three rounds.’’
Hernandez won't be in the league's substance abuse program because he passed his drug test at the NFL scouting combine. However, he will be tested more often.
The Patriots are aware of the issues.
Hernandez told teams that he used drugs following his father's death.
“It’s not like he failed one test,’’ an AFC scout said. “He had repeated issues with it, to the point where you worry about whether he’ll be able to lay off the stuff at our level. To be honest, he’s super talented and, even with the issues, I’m surprised he fell as far he did.
“Depending on who you talk to, some people thought he was a late first- or early second-round prospect. Eventually, the risk was overcome by the value.’’
Added an AFC personnel director: "These kids, they don’t get it. [Hernandez] cost himself a lot of money.’’
Another executive said: “He had multiple positive tests, so he either had issues or he’s dumb. One or two tests? Fine. But four, five, six? Come on, now you’ve got an addiction. He’s not a bad kid. He just has an issue.’’
Smoke on Hernandez! I was thinking of sending him a ROAR!!! He's bound to fail his next test.
who cares everyone smokes here at UF haha i go here but percy smoked too and look how much it affected his rookie season...oh yea he was rookie of the year
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