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After Draft Thoughts!!!


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Feb 26, 2004
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well it been a few days after the draft ... and after having a few days to think things through ... all i can say is WOW!!! i would like to thank both BOOMER and KB for their great work on bringing all of us the inside scoops on the team and draft prospects ... YOU guy's are the best!!! i have to say .. it now looks like saban and jimmy johnson are cut from the same mold... being that both former college coaches came into the NFL with vision and knowledge .. i can say with confidence that saban even without winning a game yet .. has been impressive with what he has done so far with the team ... the coaching staff .. mainly houck and linehan should be great ... i can't tell you how much it pained me to see what went on in 2004 with that coaching staff ... this regime looks to be in-sinc ... i wasn't too sure abot traveres tillman and holliday .. both signings had me wondering at first .. but now realize they are only pieces in sabans puzzle .. and both will have roles ... all of the F/A bring something to the table.. and that is versatility and size .. something missing around here for awhile ... all in all the F/A signing that just might be the best was the McDougle signing .. while he isn't a pro-bowler ... he is just what the doctor ordered ... he brings stability to the line ... the obvious was the draft situation .. and now that all the picks are in .. it looks as if for the 2nd year in a row .. maimi has done well ... while the 2004 draft filled the roster with backup types and 2 potential starters in poole and carey ... this 2005 draft class just might be the best in years... all of the picks could make the team with the 1st three making great contibutions and perhaps immediately ... i have a good feeling about the direction saban is taking the team .. now all thats left IMO is finding another WR ... lets go fins !!!
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