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After next Sunday


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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
We can't get to excited. It is very likely that RW will run for 125+ yards since the Lions front 7 is less than average. It is likely that Jay Feidler has a flawless performance since the Lions secondary is among the NFL's worst. It is likely our secondary and d-line look like they are the best in the league playing against a sub par o-line and a very young qb. We should dominate the Lions in every aspect of the game. We have at times played down to some opponets, but we need to make a strong statement this Sunday so no question can arise after playing a mediocre team.
One thing you forgot to mention was that Detroits D-line is the strength of their team.....if RW does indeed, rush for over a buck and a quarter, we can all breath a little easier concerning or O-line. IMO.
They've probably got the best defensive front four we will face all year long," Wannstedt said. "These guys have got a lot of outstanding talent.
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