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Against my First judgement


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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
I think since Ducket and Green have declared eligable for the draft Foster will fall to Miami when they pick. I first siad it would be a mistake for Miami to draft a rb, but if we could get some help at o-line through FA then I think I would change my mind if Foster was available. The most important element her is Miami has to sign at least 2 o-lineman through FA. I think Neaole, Kreutz, Glenn, and Stone head up my wish list. It would be nice to see a RB w/star potential leading the Miami offense in to next season along w/Chambers.
A RB is a definite need but with only 5 picks this season I would be hesitant to pick a back at the end of the first if I can trade the pick for possibly a 2nd and an additional pick.

IMO we could get a decent RB in the 2nd or possibly 3rd round. As much as I like Portis he's a Minor clone with better running skills. I don't think he's an everydown back. With that in mind I think Davenport would be an excellent addition. He was a tailback when he came to UOM is an excellent receiver and would give Miami the tough runner that Lamar was last season. Minor could be used as a change of pace back in a role similar to the way Kaufman was used last season in Oakland. The only way I use the pick in the first is if McKennie, Henderson, Peppers or Herrington are still on the board. The chances of that happening are slim to none.

As for signing FA's with a couple of restructures we could get ourselves to about 11 million under the cap. Of the players you listed Kreutz would be the one I would target. His addition would allow the fins to release Ruddy for additional cap relief and refresh a position with a younger/bigger player who has a mauler mentality. Ruddy's is fine but he's too passive and is starting to get bull rushed every week.

I would also target Thomas OG NY jets. He's a mauler and is excellent in space. His addition along with Kruetz would give us too excellent lineman who can pull and are very good at blocking on the run. As tempting as Glenn & Fabini would be IMO they would be too expensive to bring in especially considering that we may also be looking for a QB this offseason. Also we now have three LT types on the team. IMO Smith is a decent player and should be a solid player once he returns.
Since the draft is after FA, it is pretty hard to speculate what we will need in it at this point. If we lose all the DL that as UFA, we will need to draft DL more than anyone; and give D gregory another chance.
39...While the loss of Mixon and Bromell would be hard I don't think that makes the DL more of need than the OL. If we lose Tim Bowens and Gardener's back isn't improving then yes, but I think the addition of David Bowens and the development of Ogunele should offset the loss of one or both players....Also don't forget that we signed Corey Moore late in the season and are apparently planning on playing him at DE. He's a very talented player who was starting to blossom under Cottrell's system in Buffalo but didn't fit Williamson's scheme.
Tim Bo will re-negotiate or be cut, but the key is Daryl. If he does not return, we are in deep trouble w/the cap. :(
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