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Sep 4, 2001
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I have to agree that it does not appear the Fins were overly impressive at finding undrafted FA rooks. Roussel is a P :sleep: We could really use Justin Seaverns and Shannon Wadley to push Russell and Gaylon, but there is no reason to think they will. Greg Jerman or any undrafted FA rook is needed to replace Vincent and Wagstaff.

I disagree on Cade - he was prematurely a starting QB in the NFL and may still have the ability to run an offense mentally since he surely can do it physically; and he's still real young for a QB.

If Carter does joins the Fins James Atkins will make a nice bodyguard for him though ;)
Speaking of UFA's, does anyone know who Brian Poli-Dixon was picked up by? IMO, the team that picked him up got a real steal. He's big, relatively fast, and has decent hands. I'm not quite sure why he fell out of draft contention. Perhaps someone can enlighten me as to why he fell as well as where he landed. Thanks :)
I really do not see all this worry about not signing any "name" free agents.
After all, these guys are not the cream of the crop.
If they were, they would have been drafted.
Another thing to keep in mindis that we don't have that many roster positions open.
It's not like this is a 3-13 team that needs to overhaul.
We have something like 15 OL'men in camp now.
It gets to the point when it is just overkill.
You can only look at so many players and give them only so much time to compete.
We may find a daimond in the rough yet out of this group.
If we have a couple of these guys make the practice squad, that will be good.
If by chance, one or two impress enough to make the regular season roster, that would be great.
But, keep in mind, most of these guys are only here to be a warm body to carry out plays and be training camp fodder.
Someone may just step up, you never know.
Usually every year, at least one or two of these kind of guys come out of nowhere and make the team.
Good points Scot. You have to remember, it wasn't long after the Wanny comment about being "aggressive" that an article was written (I can't remember if it was the Sentinel or the Herald) about how the 'Fins already have a very full roster and they weren't sure where the six rookies Wanny was projecting to make the team would fit. All total there are 14 rookies with only 5, possibly 6 spots needing to be filled- none of them starting roles.

Ultimately I don't really have much to complain about until there is something to complain about. In other words, I'm sure Wanny & Co. know exactly what they're doing so let's see how things play out.

The one thing I am dissapointed in is the Poli-Dixon thing; I was just really high on this guy. Oh well, I don't hate SD and, if they make the move to L.A., I'll probably be going to a lot of games so I'll get to see him play often (I'm fairly sure he'll make the team.)
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