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AJ Johnson

This is his first NFL game, so give him a break.
he certainly has the motivation to get better and smarter because he sucked it for most of the 1st half before finally getting his act together.
Wasn't that bad?...don't forget the bone-head play when he got up and got into a fight after an obvious penalty against them...those things negate penalties and can turn a game.

AJ was explosive, but he fumbled and fair caught too much....a first NFL game or not, he needs to improve but I think he will.
Really The guy is what 24 & Starting as the Punt returner after haveing been passed over for 2 seasons. When he fumbled you could tell he was scared, until he brought it out of the endzone. Just goes to show you that pre-season is like sex pre-girl! Shake off the jitters & he'll be ok
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