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Alex Marvez on the Gardener situation

i don't know about you muck, but this paragraph scares the crap outta me!

"Needing someone else to fill that same role, the Dolphins seemingly panicked Friday by sending a 2003 fourth-round draft choice to Carolina for defensive end Jay Williams. Yes, the same Jay Williams who claimed he was unjustifiably yanked from the starting lineup last November before a game against the Dolphins even though he was ranked 15th on his team in tackles."

just gotta have faith in wanny and speil i guess...
Williams was mad because they moved DT Sean Gilbert outside. Guess he felt like he could stand up at the point of attack just as well against the Phins. I don't believe that the reason Williams was yanked was because he was 15th on the team in tackles. That's just something for Marvez to write about. Who knows. But I do feel like we paid to high a price for Williams. A 4th seems high.
Put it this way, we basically traded Darrell Gardener, Al Wallace, and a 4th round pick for a journeyman 31 year old D-lineman.

I think this was a move that Wanny did not want to make, but he probably felt that he HAD to do this now, so as to not have any distractions lingering throughout camp, and on into the season.
Personally ...

Originally posted by steve_t
Everyone: pray for the health of Jayson Taylor.

I'm praying for the health of ALL the players in orange and teal this season... unexpected injuries are what killed us last season... stay healthy, and we're goin to the Big One again! :happydrin:
Exactly Scot. Do you guys think that Wanny WANTED to cut DG?? Do you think he was excited about the $6 million cap hit that's coming next year?? You think he was happy to lose such talent?? HELL NO.

Wanny held out hope. He tried and he tried. He bent over backwards for Gardener. So much so that Zach and Co went to Wanny and complained about the preferential treatment. Wanny tried one last time to have DG contact him. Like the other requests, this one was not returned.

Gardener forced Wanny's hand. HE made his bed. Now he has to lay in it.
31 y/o DL but you also received "addition by subtraction". If his teammates were beginning to express concerns, then the move to excise the cancer can be a positive one........BUT LETS HOPE NOT!! ;)

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