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Alex Smith, Cadillac Williams, Shawne Merriman, Antrelle Rolle

Austin Tatious

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Sep 7, 2004
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Alex Smith = the next Steve Young

1. Alex Smith reminds me alot of Steve Young. I like his intelligence and mobility. Not sure about his ability to throw the deep ball, but I think he will be a winner, and I like his moxie. As much as I like the idea of trading down, if he is available, he is who we should take. We do not have our qb that can take us to a Super Bowl and such a guy will be brutally hard to find otherwise. Please, let us get Smith.

2. Cadillac vs Brown. If we had to choose between them, I'd want Cadillac. I like his shiftiness and the way he hits the hole. Brown is a phenomenal athlete but just isn't as productive. Slower to the hole, not as shifty. Cadillac can be Emmitt Smith.

3. If we trade down, I'd hope it would be ONLY because SF took Smith. Even then, I'd strongly consider Rodgers. If not, I'd rather go defense over RB in the 1st. The guys I want are Antrelle Rolle or Shawne Merriman with the first pick and then a big DT like Travis Johnson from FSU with the second pick. Shutdown corners are hard to find. Rolle and Poole would give us two nice young corners. Merriman is the other kid I like. He can be a sack machine and versatile in Saban's D. We need a big sturdy DT in the worst way. If we trade down, then for QB, I do not want Frye. I'd rather take a flyer on McPherson. The upside there is better. Maybe we can get Morency with the pick for Surtain or part of our trade downs.

Bottom line, please let us get our franchise QB in Smith.


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Mar 1, 2005
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actually, i am starting to lean towards Caddy
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