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All I can say is.


Dec 18, 2004
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52 be the best you have to beat the best. I wish we would have had at least 1 night game but oh well. Seeing the schedule gets me all fired up for the season!!!!
i think we got a descent overall schedule. Only one really cold game and thats the last one at New England. And i am lookin forward to going up there a whoopin them up.
I thought that we would get a night game against NE, playing off the Belicheck/Saban connection.
agreed that you have to beat the best to be the best. The problem is that, when you are 10-6 with a kind of tough schedule, you could be 12-4 with an easier schedule and you probably won't defeat a team that you are slightely better than cause you'll play them at their field
It seems to me like our players get UP and play best against the best....Do you guys remember how a couple years ago we had the Houston Texans as
our opener....we all know what happened in that game, after we got over-confident. :cry:

I would rather play the best.
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